Stepfather arrested in 10-year-old girl's rape case; he denies wrongdoing and demands DNA test
Paraguayan law bans abortions except in cases where mother's life is in jeopardy
Health minister says girl's life isn't at risk, and that government will oversee her prenatal care
A pro-Putin motorcycle club have found themselves the subject of online jokes after mentioning their "make-up bags" in a TV interview.
A collection of tiny islands in the South China Sea are at the centre of a major international dispute with potentially far-reaching consequences.
South East Asia says it's "seriously concerned" about China's building of artificial islands in disputed parts of the South China Sea.

In response, China says it's "severely concerned" about the South East Asian nations' statement.

South East Asia says China's actions have "eroded trust and confidence and may undermine peace, security and stability".
When people talk about "mules" engaged in smuggling they usually mean people, but in a remote corner of Turkey it is the four-legged variety that carries illicit goods across the border from Iraq. Now it seems these animals are paying the price.
Rescue efforts in Nepal intensify after nearly 2,000 died in the country's worst quake in more than 80 years, as a powerful aftershock hits the region.
Authorities evacuate 1,500 people
The last time Calbuco erupted was 1972
You might have a house of your relatives at the distant place where common vehicles cannot run. You can carry the lightweight folding bicycles with you so that you can ride on it for early reaching and your comfort. So, when you want to carry it with you without riding, the lightweight feature is essential. The improved alloy steels with high strength have been used for the reason of making lightweight and strong.
Ever wondered where all that tax money really goes? We show you.