WW3? Turkey Shoots down Russian Jet . Russia must retaliate. NATO probably won't back Turkey. Turkey and NATO are defending ISIS. Donate here: http://syriang...
A video of Syrian rebels allegedly firing at a Russian-made helicopter on the ground has been posted on a YouTube channel associated with the FSA’s 1st Coastal Brigade. The helicopter is said to have been on a search mission for the pilots of the Su-24 jet downed by Turkey in Syria.The Free Syrian Army (FSA), considered to be the so-called “moderate opposition” by the West, has received US Tow missiles among other weaponry.

Despite intellectual property concerns, Russia recently agreed to sell 24 Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to China - a deal worth $2 billion. But what is driving Moscow to seek deeper trade ties with Beijing? DW examines.
The Turkish military says it has shot down a Russian warplane on the border with Syria, but Russia denies that it violated Turkish airspace.
The French National Police's announcement that police dog Diesel, a 7-year-old Belgian Shepherd, was killed "by terrorists," sparked a big reaction online - retweeted 13,000 times.
Get used to it: the World Health Organization is right. Sausages, bacon and other processed meats do indeed cause cancer.
France declares a national state of emergency and closes its borders after more than 120 people are killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris.
French officials say at least 153 are killed in series of attacks