A fire has broken out in a luxury Dubai hotel near the world’s tallest skyscraper. Burning debris is raining down on people gathered nearby to watch New Year’s Eve celebrations.
"..The evidence of the country's abuses continues to mount. Verifying what exactly is happening in North Korea is notoriously difficult. But as defectors leave the North for China, South Korea and other countries, their testimony -- backed by the accounts of former Pyongyang officials and satellite imagery -- convey a tale of terrors. Summary executions are routine, as are abductions and disappearances..."
The host of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant accidentally announces the wrong winner on Sunday night.
Pop star Madonna has staged an impromptu concert at Paris' Republique plaza to honour victims of the November 13 attacks.

Fans rushed to the square after the singer, who had just finished her show in Paris on Wednesday evening (9 December), tweeted: "Im singing some songs in place de la republique. Meet me there now."
President Barack Obama's address to the nation on the San Bernardino mass shooting and the terrorist ideology that motivated it.
In a surprise move North Korea tested it's first submarine launched ballistic missile off the coast of North Korea.

If we want to meet the goal of stopping warming short of 2 degrees -- which is of the utmost importance -- we have to cut back on pollution of all types.

Fossil fuels must be the central part of these efforts.

But beef, too, can be seen as essential.
..."This is what a world war looks like: strange bedfellows, conflicting agendas, alliances of convenience. And if you think the core of the fighting, the issues and ideologies at stake, seem muddled, try to find out what World War I was all about. Clarity is not a requirement for a world war."....