Every August, car lovers flock to Monterey Car Week hoping to catch a glimpse of some beautiful, significant metal. Alongside the classics, though, manufacturers will often try and grab attention with crazy concepts. Check out some of the best in our gallery.
WATCHES THAT ATTRACT WOMEN - The Pontiff Speaks (Mongers Monger)
Today I share a video response to an excellent video, "Watches That Attract Women" by my good friend Federico from "Federico Talks Watches." In this video I discuss why a tasteful classic styled watch is your best bet over a loud and gaudy one, to appeal to the opposite sex.
In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I discuss what watches I think attract women. This is slightly controversial and I am sure most of the attention garnered will be from gold diggers. However this is a topic many have asked I cover. In short, go with a watch that is big, bold and fashionable. Not something standard like a Rolex Submariner.
Watches That Attract Women - Luxury Watches Rolex Submariner? Breitling Gold Diamond Jewelry?
The Lotus Exige Sport 350 might be one of the best expressions of lightweight sportscars today but the Elite was doing that over 50 years ago.
The Airlander 10—also known as the world’s largest aircraft, better known as a giant, ass-shaped vessel—took off for the first time today.